3. User settings

settings screenshot

1. Active sessions

We understand the importance and value of the channel and its safety for creators and administrators, so we paid a lot of attention to the security of your account.

Using the list of active sessions, you can always see who else, from what device and where is logged into the Channely account.

All your active sessions for your Channely account are displayed here. The list displays the browser from which the account was logged in, IP address, city and country. You can also see the date and time when you signed in to your Channely account. In case of need or suspicious activity, you can end any session and immediately change the password for your account.

2. Language selection

Channely supports 2 languages: English and Russian.

3. Change the name

Here you can change the name displayed in your Channely account. This item has no effect on anything else.

4. Change the password

You can change the password in the corresponding window in the settings. After changing the password, all other sessions on all devices where you were logged in will be reset.

5. Account deleting

You can delete your Channely account completely. This action is irreversible. All publications will be deleted, including delayed ones (if there were any), and all information on the account (connected channels, statistics, other data). It will be impossible to restore them.