1. Getting started

For the correct operation of the Channely service, you need to create a separate bot. Using other bots from other services for Channely may lead to conflicts in the operation of both these services and Channely. To avoid such situations and everything worked properly, you need to create a new bot for Channely. How to do this is described below.

Step 0. Log in (or sign up)

After creating an account, you will see a welcome window offering to connect a Telegram account to the service. If you already have a linked Telegram account, you can connect one more. In that case just click on an empty slot in the "Accounts" section.

Step 1. Switching from Channely to the onboarding bot

Go to the bot using the "Go to the @channely_bot" button or by scanning the QR code.

You can also copy the bottom line with the /start <START CODE> command and manually enter it into @channely_bot.

connect account

The bot will respond with further instructions.

telegram account wizard

Step 2. Create a bot in @BotFather and get the token

Go to @BotFather and send it the command /newbot.

You will be asked to enter the name of the future bot and its username. The name is arbitrary, and the username of the bot must end with "bot". For example: posting_bot.

botfather message

Send the received message with the bot token to @channely_bot. To do this, select the message with the token and click "forward". Please do not send by copying text, this method will not work.

Step 3. Completing connection

Following the instructions, navigate to the newly created @channely_posting_bot and press START. Then return to @channely_bot and press the button "Done!".

Accept congratulations from the Channely bot. When you will visit the "Accounts" section in the Channely web app, you will see the connected account.

Step 4. Connecting a channel to the service

To connect a channel, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make your bot a channel administrator (the bot that was used on account connecting stage).
  2. Go to the "Channels" section in a web app.
  3. Click on an empty slot with a socket icon.
  4. Select a Telegram account to use.
  5. Put the username, ID* or direct link to your channel.

* The ID is required (and it is the only possible option) if your channel is private.

To connect a private channel, you need to know the ID of this channel.

To find out the channel ID, use the @my_id_bot bot. Procedure:

  1. Forward any publication from the connected channel to the @my_id_bot bot and get the channel ID.
  2. Enter this ID in the field when connecting a channel to Channely.

Step 5. Write your first post

Now we good to write our first post!

Go to the "Content plan" section and hit the "plus" button, which represents the slot for a post in your content plan. Now you see our editor:


Let's just write a classic "Hello world" message. Click on the "Text" option and type "Hello world!" into the text form:


Now, you have three options, how to publish the post:


  1. You can select a channel and the desired time of publication, and then press the "Schedule post" button. The post will be published later.


  1. You can press the yellow arrow button and publish the post immediately.
  2. For testing purposes, you always can just send it to your own conversation with the Channely bot. No one but you will see it at this moment. Click on the little paper plane icon to do that.

Just to make sure that everything works, let's use the option 3. Click on the little paper plane icon. You will receive the message immediately.


Congratulations on your first post published!