2. Collaborators

Large teams work on some Telegram channels: designers, content managers, advertising managers, editors, and others. In Channely, many people can work on one channel. So how does everything work?

Administrator management

All rights and access are regulated by Telegram. This means that if we have an administrator Jim in the channel with the rights to send, edit and delete publications, then after Jim signs up for Channely, he will immediately have a channel available for work in the “Channels” tab.

How to give rights to manage a channel in Channely

  1. Add an administrator with the required set of rights directly to our Telegram channel.
  2. This administrator must be sighed up for Channely. (sign up [here], how to connect an account - [here]).
  3. Go to the "Channels" tab and click on the settings and "View administrators".

A list of all administrators that are in the channel and their rights (except for bots) and who are signed up for Channely here will be displayed.

  1. Click "Synchronize with Telegram". All administrators signed up for Channely who are in the channel will appear in the list.
  2. They will have a channel available for work in the “Channels” section in Channely.

Important details

  1. For all administrators of one channel in Channely, there is one content plan for this channel. This means that everyone sees the posts of everyone within this channel and, depending on the availability of rights, can delete and edit them. Also, the publication card will display which of the administrators created the publication.
  2. If the administrator has rights to delete posts, they can delete any created post. If these rights are absent, then the administrator can only delete their publications.
  3. If the administrator has rights to edit posts, they can edit any post that has been created. If these rights are absent, then the administrator can only edit their publications.
  4. Payment for the channel is charged from the person who first connected this channel. This means that if the owner of the channels pays for the use of the service and wants to keep everything under control, then it is advisable to first connect all the channels to their owner's account and then distribute the necessary rights.
  5. The functionality for working together on the channel will be constantly improved based on your needs and wishes.